It’s been more than a year!

Hey everyone!  I have been terrible with updating my website, but things have been great, from the release of Tony Award-nominee Tony Yazbeck’s album THE FLOOR ABOVE ME and stellar reviews for the show of the same title, which we wrote and directed together…to several TV Pilots making the rounds, a screenplay optioned, etc.


More news and plans to redesign the site coming soon!


TV News Roundup

Updates on various television projects:

  • Rewriting a draft of TV Pilot,”Transcendence,” which I am working on with Shakina Nayfack.
  • Continuing work on TV Pilot, “First Baptist,” with Nedra McClyde.
  • Beginning work on a TV Pilot, “Kabul ‘n Bits,” with John D. Manley, Director of US Army Public Relations N.E. Region.